Residential Complex Ecoshin-

We set a benchmark in the market

The Building Will Be Handed Over to Exploitation

In December 2019

The Ecoshin-Orbeli residential complex is being built in Yerevan, in Arabkir administrative district, on Orbeli Street 67/2, 5 minutes drive from the center.The residential complex is designed with taking into consideration the seismic stability of the region and with compliance with other regulatory requirements.Construction technology – monolithic – reinforced concrete. External lining is made of natural travertine and basalt tiles.All apartments have an open balcony with a beautiful view of the canyon Hrazdan and Mountain Ararat. Transport accessibility is from the Kievyan street, where you can get in about 3 minutes.


Parking Plan Ecoshin_plan_svg_new C4 97,6m2 C5 98,9m2 C3 56,2m2 C2 78,4m2 C1 70,4m2 B5 149,2m2 B4 85,6m2 B3 55,3m2 B2 77,3m2 B1 85,7m2 A5 72,6m2 A4 77,3m2 A3 56,6m2 A2 97,6m2 A1 98,7m2


From 2 to 4 Room Apartments

From 55 to 150 Square Meters


Parking Spaces

The Residential Complex Consists of 15 Ground and

3 Underground Floors

5 Minutes Drive From the Center

Rest zone

In the yard there will be built a green rest zone and a children’s playground.


Parking in the yard is for residents and their guests only.

The building has a three-floor parking lot, for 142 cars in total

Interior Design

All the apartments will have water and sewerage by common risers.

Electricity will be installed up to the entrance door of the apartment.

Floors will be of cement screed.

The entrance door and windows will be inserted.


The building has 3 entrances, each with 2 elevators (cargo and passenger).


The internal separation of apartments will be carried out in accordance with the basic architectural design, also  apartments can be handed over without internal partition, with leveled floors and an entrance door, by the request of the buyer


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